Do you have a favorite spot to go out for coffee or for dinner? What makes this spot so great?

I used to have a favorite spot for dinner, it was the best place to go. I loved the food, the staff, even the management was great. I was a customer there for about two years before I had a huge graduation party on their patio. After that, I got a job there and improved as worker very well over the year I worked there. I worked about four different jobs there and became the only employee to help out the most. I got switched off one job and asked to do another at the last minute, sometimes even as I was walking through the door. I still loved the food, and my parents still came in every week to sit in my section or just come visit the staff because they were not only our waitresses or waiters but our friends too. However, I got another job and ended up quitting this restaurant, I handed in a two weeks like a respectful employee, and then, I stopped working there. In the last three months of not working there, I have been in to eat three times. The last time I was there, the GM was there, the first time I’d seen her since I quit. She told all the servers except mine, to not speak to my table. Our normal friends who came to see us and talk to us, didn’t. And my mother was incredibly offended and hurt. People who once talked to her like a friend, wouldn’t even look in her direction. The atmosphere has changed and we no longer will go into that favorite spot.. Not only because of the way they treated me, but the way they treated my mom.

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