How clean is your house right now?

My house is amazingly clean right now because I am the one who cleans it every week. I just cleaned the house on Friday, and it turned out great. It smells good and looks clean. Other than the dog toys everywhere, it is very clean.


Do you use coupons?

Yes, I use coupons. I love having them to use and getting money off of stuff I want to buy. I use them a lot around Christmas time and when it comes to buying things for people. I like to save as much money as I can when I buy things because I don’t like spending too much.


Describe the day you met your best friend, from your friend’s point of view

The day my best friend and I met, was a day in 7th grade. We were on a field trip to the zoo and on the way home, we sat just seats away from each other. I was eating skittles and at the time, I had ceramic braces that were clear in color. They seemed to be getting stuck in my teeth and no one was telling me about it. I turned to this girl named Lauren, my future best friend, and I said hey. She was thinking to herself, “Who is this girl with the skittles in her teeth?”. Until this day, she still describes that as the day we met.


What is a priority for you right now?

A priority for me right now is trying to figure out what I want to do for a living. I want to figure out what I need to do as far as schooling in order to be what I want to be. But first, I need to figure out the main thing, what I want to do. I love to write, I love to give advice, so there’s the thought of doing an advice column. However, I also love designing rooms and matching colors and creating new ways to make a room or house beautiful. I am torn between a lot of different wants…


Is there a mistake you keep repeatedly making in your life? Explain. 

A mistake I keep repeatedly making is going back to the same person over and over again.

I made the mistake of falling for a boy in the 6th grade and let him become my best friend. I let him become something way too important to me. I let him have my heart and then destroy it and me. I let him come back over and over again, and hurt me over and over again. I let too much. I didn’t guard my heart enough with him, and that is definitely my fault.


What date do you have circled on your calendar? That is, what upcoming date or event are you looking forward to?

The date that I have circled on my calendar is Halloween, my wisdom teeth day, Christmas, and my birthday. I can’t wait to dress up for halloween as a vampire. I can’t wait to get my wisdom teeth out and stop being in pain in my jaw. I CAN NOT wait for Christmas and the wonderful time of feeling happy and joyous. I can’t wait for my birthday because I’ll probably get another piercing or tattoo because I love them.


Write about a time when you felt proud of yourself

A time a felt proud of myself was when I thought I wanted to be a dental assistant for a career. So I went to my orthodontist office and asked about a shadowing opportunity. My doctor told me to come in later that week and shadow for a little while before work at the restaurant I worked at. I watched the assistants work for a little while and then, the other doctor of the office took me aside in a conference room, and offered me an actual job as a dental assistant. I was so surprised and happy! I just wanted to shadow to see if that’s really what I wanted to do, since braces have always interested me. However, I got the opportunity to work in the field up close and personal. You may be thinking, how did you do that without any schooling? Well, to be a dental assistant in North Carolina, you don’t actually need schooling, but you can take programs for it if you want or if the job requires it. A lot of offices don’t mind someone without schooling because they like to train the assistants to their own liking and needs. I started working there in June and it is a great opportunity. I have learned that being a dental assistant is probably NOT what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it is something I enjoy. I love the medical aspect and the way braces work. I am still struggling with what I want to do with my life…


Describe your favorite comic strip or cartoon

My favorite cartoon is Spongebob Squarepants! It is the best show, it never gets old. I used to watch it when I was younger, and I watch it even more now. I love the stupidity and the silliness of the characters. I love the feeling of being a kid again when I watch it, because sometimes, you just have to be a child again.

I’m back!

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote. I have been doing so much and writing has been something I’ve wanted to do but just couldn’t bring myself to focus on.

During the past month, I’ve started a second college class and have been trying not to fail. I have gotten a second job and then quit it within the same week, oops. I have stressed myself out to the max but I am learning to deal with it. I am going to make sure I keep up with my blog and post things daily (the best I can)!


I can’t find another word to describe how my life has been lately… I went to the beach last weekend so you best believe I didn’t write while I was there. Then, I came home and had an interview at OutBack and that did not go well. On my way home from there, I stopped to get myself a smoothie and applied at my local Smoothie King. I know a lot of the girls there so it was less nerve wrecking than normal. I ended up getting the job and now I will be working there as well as the orthodontist office I work for. I don’t know if that was a smart idea, but we’ll figure that out I guess. I’m taking two college courses and haven’t really gotten to the hard stuff yet, so I want to make sure I’m not neglecting my schoolwork. In my three semesters of college so far, I’ve taken 9 courses and failed 6… (not my proudest moment). I’m just trying to find a happy medium with everything I have on my plate. It’s going to be a rough few weeks as I get used to this, but things will be okay.